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when both words and strategy matter

My work


Case studies

Each case study is designed to reveal a relevant aspect of successful work to a prospect. Most case studies reveal several different points. I resist templated case studies. I believe the essential data and direction of a case study can -- and should -- be presented differently depending on the preeminent concerns and needs of the prospect.


Getting invited to the real pitch is a study in 

Articles -- B2B

Products sold at retail comprise the bulk of the content of my B2B work.

Articles -- Consumer

Dogs, politics, sports, business and aging with grace and style are the focus of most of my consumer articles. I've ghostwritten several for clients and written several under my name.

Ad copy

My ad writing strength is in B2B. 


I've written a couple of health-related blogs for clients.

Separately, and prior to the last presidential election, I needed convincing,  facts and civility -- all of which were lacking. So I set out to find 100 reasons (one/day) TO vote for the more progressive candidate rather than against her opponent. I did a ton of research, brushed up on the issues and shared my findings in easy-to-understand, but nuanced, posts. This may be the work that is most representative of all of my skills and critical thinking.  Within 30 days, I had over 25,000 daily visitors.