Kingsley Ink

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when both words and strategy matter


Business development

I’ve led business development efforts for tiny two-person shops and multi-billion-dollar companies – and everything in between. Every organization has strengths (and weaknesses) and positioning them to address the needs of prospective clients takes a strategic, tailored approach. There is no “One size fits all” in prospecting, completing RFPs or developing killer proposals.

I’ve written the same case study five different ways to change emphasis to address the specific needs of a prospect. 

My success rate with proposals and RFPs is high. I wrote all of the proposals for one mid-size agency in a two-year period; we were invited to every single pitch based on our submissions.  Then, because they were a good fit, we won well over half of them. 

Web content

Having written content for dozens of sites and built several sites from the ground up, I’m well-versed in the medium. Diversity reigns: I’ve written about and for snacks, authors, associations, sports, ad agencies, beverages, dog training, politics and laser spectroscopy. I look forward to learning something new and taking on your topic, however obscure – or common.

Long-form content

Thought pieces are increasingly important for the many companies who are in the “idea business.” If tackling complex subjects or inspiring people is part of your mission, then let me take it on. I am a compulsive researcher and adept at taking on your “voice” so your constituents recognize and identify with your communications.