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when both words and strategy matter



Are you achieving all you want at work?


Ensure your written communications -- and those of your teams -- are an asset to your business operations, not a liability. Communicate clearly, effectively, efficiently.

I can write it for you or I can teach you or your team how to write it. I am not a pie-in-the-sky consultant. I'm a working writer and marketer who also works in the current real-world pressures and challenges you and your team face. I provide practical approaches and solution that you can put to work first thing Monday morning.


BUSINESS ETIQUETTE -- Social media and changed business modalities have changed how we interact. Business Etiquette positions you and your team to navigate challenging business situations gracefully and professionally.

PRESENTATION SKILLS -- We all need to present our work eventually; it may be to a critical audience of one or a group of hundreds. Yet, fear of public speaking is greater than fear of death. Learn to present persuasively without dying inside.


BUSINESS WRITING -- Great Business Writing focuses on the needs of the recipient. Let me show you and your team strategic and tactical ways to get your communications read and receive the responses you seek.

PRIVATE COACHING -- I work with you remotely on your schedule. We discuss your goals. You submit your work. I assess where you are and what you need and work with you to improve it. We cover your real-world work. Submit projects to me before you need to hand them in and we'll make sure it is clear, concise, persuasive, and reveals the quality of your thinking. I send back your work with corrections and comments, typically, within 24 hours. Then we schedule time to discuss my suggestions, explain anything that isn't clear and work through the challenges. I often also assign exercises if there is a particular area of weakness.

"This class isn't only about business writing; it is also about how to think and communicate better in business. Would recommend to anyone who wants to learn more about business etiquette, writing and communication. 

AWESOME class!"