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About Karen

I'm a writer who markets or a marketer who writes.

... with a fair dose of Business Development thrown in. Some of my clients don’t know I market, some don’t know I write; my favorite ones use both skills. 

I consult with domestic and international clients (from individual entrepreneurs to Fortune 50 companies), with an emphasis on advertising and marketing agencies. 

Additionally, I write: web content, content for trade publications, blogs,  books (mostly as a ghostwriter), and manage new business efforts. My career has been nearly equally divided between the agency side and publishing. There is nothing (I can think of) that I haven’t written for business.

When employed by others, I was president of an agency, SVP, Business Development at Deutsch Advertising, EVP at a third, and owned my own agency.  I’ve been associate publisher, conference director and creative services director for publishers. I also coach business writing and presentation skills both privately and in groups.

Sometimes, I work for extended periods of time for someone else (show up at the office every day, wear real clothes, go to meetings, order lunch in), and I love the energy, the exchange of ideas, the debating, the collaboration and being part of something bigger than just me. Then, the gig ends, and I go home again. And it’s good too.

I’m a hybrid, always have been. I love working with other people. I love working alone at home. I market. I write. I sell. I teach. 

Clients include: Anheuser-Busch, Comcast Cable, A&E TV,  DIGO, Draft/FCB, Crispin, Porter, Bogusky, Gotham, Graphic Artists Guild, Media Muscle, The Right Stuff, NRDC, Planned Parenthood.